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My name is Bob Willey and I own Bob's Neat Books & Bob's Neat Stuff.

We've been selling on Amazon using FBA since June of 2008, and on Amazon since 2005. We are mostly FBA and we use FBA to sell practically anything! When it comes to selling on Amazon using FBA, we don't discriminate. The only requirement is that the items are profitable! We sell toys, games, grocery, auto parts, collectibles, health/beautry, home, baby, sports, electronics, books, and media items such as DVDs, CDs, even VHS tapes! We've also been selling on eBay since 1998 with over 11,000 feedbacks (100% Positive)!! Also sold for others (Consignment) for years. Also sell some Media items on eBay.

I also Buy Books / Media / Toys / Games.

I also moderate the YahooGroup FBAForum Over 4,000 members strong, started in August 2008.

I also run a BLOG on FBA ~

My background is varied, as I owned a computer consulting business for 28+ years, and a Brick-n-mortar Auction House for 5 years with a weekly auction filling a 15,000 sq ft building. Plus I have done over 150 Estate Appraisals. OK, I enjoy STUFF....

I also ran the Support Desk/Departmant for for almost 3 years

The newest addition is a dedicated teaching/mentoring program that we are proud to be a part of the Jim Cockrum Coaching System.

I also offer one-on-one training, mentoring and/or being fast-tracked. Everything from getting started with Amazon FBA, Sourcing, Advanced Sourcing, Advanced Coaching and so much more.

Contact me using the above form for more details, or e-mail me at:

Amazon FBA eBook "Recipe for Success" by Suzanne Wells Buy Now

Learning how to use Amazon's fulfillment program called Fulfillment By Amazon, or FBA, can seem overwhelming at first. But not to worry; you've come to the right place!

Phase 1: Getting Started

If you're just starting out, you're probably have questions like:

How does FBA work?
Is the program right for my business?
What are the advantages? Risks? Fees?

Phase 2: Leveraging FBA

If you've been using FBA for part of your inventory, you probably have questions like:

Should I use FBA for all of my inventory?
How should I price my inventory to maximize margins?
What other products do I have access to that would sell well using FBA?

Phase 3: World Domination

If you have been using FBA for a while, you may be looking for new and exciting ways to use FBA for world domination such as:

Having your vendors and suppliers ship directly to your FBA account.

Selling on other channels (such as your own web site, or eBay) and fulfilling those orders with your FBA inventory.

Sending your inventory overseas to international FBA warehouses (UK, Japan, Germany, France).

Wherever you are in relation to using FBA, here are some great resources to help you get started as well as continue to leverage FBA in your business.

Community Support

Network with other FBA sellers

FBAForum Group

Devoted to Online Sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon. Books, Media, Toys/Games and other items. Over 4,000 members strong, started in August, 2008

Articles, Blogs, Links

Save Time and Increase Profits with Fulfillment By Amazon

What is Amazon FBA? Is it right for my business?

What is the best book scouting service out there?


We contact every possible book sale source in the the country to bring you a list of MEGA profitable book sales! Many of these sales are not advertised on any other website. This means that you have a great chance of being the only dealer at the sale... just imagine!

The largest listing of local book sales. Separate page for every state.

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It's time to
Be your own boss
Make your own hours
Determine your own path

The Home Run Guide is a fantasitc assortment of over 100 Expert Articles, from over 50 experts. An unbelievable resource when you are out doing Yard-Sales, or just sourcing products for Resale.

Free Marketing: 101 Low & No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online & Offline by Jim Cockrum. ALL Proceeds going to Charity

RETAIL ARBITRAGE by Chris Green. Over 200 pages of powerful information! This is the BLUEPRINT for buying retail products to sell online for BIG PROFITS.

THE Hottest List of Toys expected to be popular for the 2011 Holidays!Downloadable report with pages of toys that are predicted to be the most popular this holiday. Discover what they are selling for in stores and how they are selling on ebay. The Holiday Toy Selling Guide breaks it all down for you so you can instantly see how much a specific hot toy is selling for at top retailers. You will also see what the toy is currently selling for on ebay and on Amazon...

Recommended Reading

These two books will change the way you see selling on Amazon and using FBA.


These are the Amazon Kindle versions.

Also available as 'regular' books if you prefer.

When done reading them, sell them back through FBA!

Additional Resources

FBA Revenue Calculator

Use this calculator to see exactly how profitable your items will be. Easily compare FBA fees to your current self-fulfillment costs.

FBA Warehouse Tour

An amazing look inside an actual Amazon FBA warehouse!

Amazon FBA Homepage

Here is the place to get started by adding FBA to your Amazon seller account

FBA Program Fees (PDF)

Review the FBA fees for different categories (PDF link)

Online Selling Tips-n-Tricks

Things that will help you sell online (Amazon & eBay)

Used Book Scanner

Used Ipaq PDA, Cradle, Memory Card & complete setup

Get your Paperwork ORGANIZED

Send all your paperwork to get organized, much easier and cheaper than taking a shoebox into your accountant

Powered by TalkShoe

Dedicated Teaching/Mentoring

Introducing the Proven Amazon Course!

Click Image for details on PAC

Did you know that you can send Amazon a box full of products at a time, and they will list, sell and ship them for you?

Did you know that Amazon allows you to use their dirt cheap shipping rates when you send them your boxes of inventory?

For the past several months Jim Cockrum has been seeking out and working with the most successful FBA users and together we've put together an amazing course that will show you how so many of us are taking advantage of the tens of millions of customers that are swarming every day.

eBay is now trying to play catch-up with Amazon. eBay only recently started putting a plan in place to try to compete with Amazon's FBA service. You can get in ahead of the curve.

Contributing experts and forum moderators:

  • Chris Green : A FBA pro and our primary FBA coach
  • Jim Cockrum : Founder
  • Julie Anna Schultz : Her family has been using FBA for several years
  • Nathan Holmquist : An MST pro and FBA expert
  • Skip McGrath : An icon of online selling success
  • Stephanie Inge : Founder of Dallas eBay User Group and FBA user
  • Steve Lindhorst : Long time Amazon pro and FBA user
  • Suzanne Wells : A coach and creative online seller
  • Bob Willey : An FBA leader and 3-year veteran

  • ...and several other very successful Amazon sellers.

We'll show you:

  • Where to find virtually unlimited sources of inventory
  • How to easily ship your inventory in bulk at dirt cheap prices directly to Amazon's warehouse
  • How to price your inventory higher than your competition while still outselling them easily
  • How to automate the entire process so that you only check your sales reports
  • How to run your business from anywhere.

According to in a recent survey of FBA sellers (those using FBA to pick, pack, and ship their orders to buyers) told Amazon the following:

  • 92% of survey respondents who have shipped at least one unit through FBA reported their unit sales have increased since joining
  • 78% of survey respondents saw an average increase in unit sales of 20 percent or more
  • 89% of survey respondents would recommend FBA to a friend or colleague

What's included?

  1. FBA Course Audio Interview (and full transcript) with Jim Cockrum, Suzanne Wells, and Skip McGrath
  2. 7 Course Videos
  3. eBook: Amazon 90-Day Experiment
  4. Report: Craigslist Ad for Books
  5. Report: Tips for Cleaning Used Books
  6. Report: Using Scanners
  7. FBA Interview 2: Skip McGrath and Stephanie Inge
  8. Report: Selling on Amazon's FBA Program
  9. Report: Understanding the Amazon Customer
  10. Report: How To Make Good Money Selling Used Books
  11. Two-month trial of FBAPower and FBAScout to automate your business
  12. Expert-monitored discussion forum area
  13. MUCH more being added

Some Questions you might have:

Q. Once I pay what happens?
A. You are taken immediately to the course resource page with all content instantly available.

Q. Is this an international opportunity?
A. Yes it is! While most of our current experts and coaches are U.S. based, "Amazon Services Europe" launched several new features in 2010 making it even easier for you to expand your business into Europe. You can now use a British, French, German, or Austrian bank account to sell on, and With Fulfillment by Amazon, you can now serve orders across 27 European countries offering local returns handling and customer service in UK, Germany, and France.

Q.Does replace eBay? Yes, and No.
A. eBay is still great for the "unusual", collectible, or "one of a kind" items. It's also great for lead generation purposes. is FAR BETTER for anything with a bar code on it that you don't want to "mess around" with. You CAN sell un-barcoded items on Amazon too though! eBay is playing "catch up" at this point.

Q. Is there a refund policy on the PAC?
A. As with everything I ever endorse, there is a 100% refund policy if you don't find the value you were expecting.

Q. Is there anything else to buy if I purchase this course?
A. The information we'll show you is everything you need to get started. You may have to spend a little money getting your first inventory sourced. Also, Chris Green uses some great equipment to help automate his entire operation and it costs around $360 or so to get it all ONCE YOU ARE RAMPED UP. We'll show you exactly what equipment he uses on the course resource page. There are plenty of Amazon sellers and FBA users that start out with no equipment and work their way up to a fully automated business once they can afford it.

Q. Do you offer any one-on-one coaching if I need or want it?
A. For those that wish to work with an FBA expert in a more direct way we do offer a "hand holding" coaching option available ONLY to those that purchase this course. Chris Green is running that coaching program and details are available on the PAC course resource page. It is a $950 long term opportunity to work with Chris one-on-one. You get all the help you need including his personal cell phone number.

Want more INFORMATION? - Click HERE for PAC Info

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